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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Audry Banza

Dr. Audry Banza has always wanted to be a doctor, compelled by a strong desire to help those who are suffering. Wanting to offer relief and restore joy in the lives of his patients, he considers surgery like repairing the most complex engine that God has created. During his internship at Hopital Baptiste Biblique in Togo, a few missionaries noticed his love for surgery and shared the opportunity of the PAACS surgical training program. Learning that PAACS combines discipleship to Christ with a high-quality surgical training program, he decided to apply.

Through PAACS, Dr. Banza has learned to continually depend on God. The process of improving both in knowledge and skills is through dependence on God’s grace. He has realized the importance of providing excellent surgical care for his patients. Additionally, he desires to communicate to patients the love of Christ and take the time to share the gospel. He is encouraged by those who have gone before him, completing their PAACS training. He values learning from them and upon graduation he looks forward to training other surgeons under the PAACS philosophy.

He recently shared a story about a patient he received one night, crying in pain and shock. First off, he immediately recognized her Cameroonian accent because he had grown up there himself. She said, “Doctor please, help me. I was found under a car after the accident, I thought I was dead. Please, help save me, my family has money to pay”. He replied, “Don’t worry, we will do our best to help you, Jesus is the one who can save you. Be calm and don’t worry about money”.  That night they were able to stabilize her, but she required multiple surgical procedures to come. In her time at the hospital, she became close to everyone: Attendings, residents, nurses, operating room staff, the evangelist team, and the cleaners. One of the nurses would even style her hair, helping her to feel beautiful. On one Sunday morning, even though they could not attend church, he offered to pray with her, and she agreed. Recognizing the love and compassion shown to her by all the staff over her long stay, and after being shared the gospel, she accepted Jesus before being discharged and returning to her country.