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Short-Term Faculty

PAACS primary need is for Christian surgeons and related specialists of all types, whether they be general surgeons or surgeons who specialize in a particular type of surgery. Because resources are so limited in Africa, ob-gynecologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, gastroenterologists, and pathologists are also in demand to train residents. We need short-term faculty. Since we are not a sending agency, the vast majority of our short-term faculty go out with the help of either World Medical Mission (WMM) or Medical Teams International (MTI). They will assist us by vetting your medical and spiritual credentials and assist you with door-to-door travel. They keep in close contact with the various programs and are able to determine whether there is a need for your specialty and room for you at a given hospital at a given time.

Surgeons not going through WMM or MTI should be willing to do the following:

  • You must have approval from the site you are visiting and complete all necessary paperwork.

  • You must be a sincere follower of Jesus Christ as evidenced by your words, your actions, and your lifestyle.

  • After discussion with the missionary faculty, you may be asked to give at least one PowerPoint lecture each week from our curriculum (or other mutually agreed upon topics) and a 5-question multiple choice exam for each lecture.




ATTENTION Students and Residents seeking rotations: PAACS is unable to arrange rotations for you. Each individual PAACS site makes its own arrangements and we recommend contacting the PAACS Program Director or the institution directly.