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Strategic Plan

PAACS 5-Year Strategic Plan Summary

Strategic Initiative One: Capitalizing on PAACS’ roots in faith and dependence on God, strengthen PAACS’ spiritual development programs to equip residents and faculty to be discerning, spiritually prepared, and prayerfully engaged to address and overcome challenges to the work of God. 

GOAL #1: Under the guidance and teaching of the Spiritual Dean, develop a Spiritual Leadership Course for the spiritual leaders at each PAACS training site.

GOAL #2: Complete the PAACS Leader’s Guide for each of the five books of the Spiritual Curriculum.

GOAL #3: Recruit and establish a team of intercessors composed of African and Western PAACS advocates who act as a spiritual strike force, interceding for PAACS faculty, residents, graduates, and programs on an on-going basis.

GOAL #4: Conduct on-going spiritual retreats for the spiritual development of PAACS residents, faculty, and their families.

Strategic Initiative Two: Develop opportunities for PAACS Residents to become PAACS Faculty, while identifying and encouraging potential candidates.

GOAL #1: Develop a program to train and equip those interested in becoming surgical leaders, educators, and disciplers.

GOAL #2: Conduct an annual job fair for residents interested in faculty and surgical positions in Africa.

GOAL #3: Train PAACS Program Directors and Assistant Program Directors on how to identify residents with the qualities needed to serve as PAACS faculty---surgical leaders, educators, and disciplers.

Strategic Initiative Three: Develop a mandatory Faculty Development Training Program to equip and prepare all faculty candidates and members, both spiritually and professionally.

GOAL #1: Under the direction of the PAACS Academic and Spiritual Dean, establish a mandatory PAACS Faculty Training Course for all faculty.

GOAL #2: Complete a Program Director/Faculty Manual.

Strategic Initiative Four: Capitalizing on PAACS’ experience in surgical education and discipleship, develop new surgical training programs in underserved areas of Africa where there is a great need for a surgical workforce.

GOAL #1: Identify the least surgically served areas in Sub-Saharan Africa and develop a plan to establish future surgical and related specialty training and discipleship programs in areas that meet any two of the following criteria:

  • Mission hospitals that meet PAACS criteria in countries with a recognized surgical workforce shortage;
  • Countries that do not have a current PAACS training program;
  • Areas of Africa that need to be reached with the Gospel;
  • The presence of a local mission or church.

GOAL #2: Measure the success of PAACS training programs.