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Other Residencies

Residency Programs


The Orthopaedic Surgery subspecialty program, first launched in 2014, is a minimum five-year program fully accredited by COSECSA. It is offered at three PAACS training sites.  

PAACS Partner Hospitals with Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programs:



The Pediatric Surgery subspecialty program is a 3-year or 5-year program run through a partnership between Kijabe Hospital and BethanyKids. The PAACS pediatric surgery program is accredited by COSECSA. The program typically accepts physicians trained in general surgery and covers a broad scope of conditions.

PAACS Partner Hospitals with Pediatric Surgery Residency Programs:



The Ob/Gyn residency is a 4-year program at Tenwek Hospital. PAACS and Tenwek Hospital will be seeking to collaborate with the recently formed ECSACOG (East, Central, and Southern Africa College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) for accreditation and certification of our graduates.

PAACS Partner Hospitals with Ob-Gyn Residency Programs:



The Neurosurgery residency is a 6-year program at Tenwek Hospital. It is accredited by COSECSA and is designed to cover the breadth of neurosurgical diseases encountered in Africa.

PAACS Partner Hospitals with Neurosurgery Residency Programs:



The Anesthesiology residency is a 4-year program at AIC Kijabe Hospital. PAACS will be seeking to collaborate with the recently formed CANECSA (College of Anesthesiologists of East, Central, and Southern Africa) for further accreditation.

PAACS Partner Hospitals with Anesthesiology Residency Programs: