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Become a Resident

Curriculum and Accreditation

PAACS offers robust surgical training for each resident through rigorous clinical and academic study. Residents are guided through operating room training, pre- and post-operative study, clinical research training, and yearly exams while under the close guidance and mentorship of experienced, board-certified surgeons.

The PAACS general surgery programs are minimum five-year, post-graduate residencies. Each program is accredited through COSECSA and follows the same that curriculum with a few PAACS specific additions. Successful residents will graduate with certification from Loma Linda University. 

General surgery training is offered at each PAACS training site. Additional subspecialty training programs and fellowship programs are offered at some sites.

Spiritual Curriculum

Alongside their academic training, each resident will move simultaneously through a spiritual curriculum designed to mentor and disciple them to become the hands and feet of Jesus in their practice in Africa.


One year of PAACS surgical training requires about $25,000. We encourage residents to seek sponsorship for their training through outside sources. Residents who aren’t able to find sponsorship are most often sponsored through PAACS.

Minimum Application Requirements:
  • Be a citizen of an African country.

  • Be a graduate of a recognized medical program and completed an internship program.

  • Be a sincere follower of Jesus Christ as evidenced by your words, your actions and your lifestyle.

  • Be 35 years old or less and exceptionally fluent in English.

  • Have a strong written recommendation from your pastor and a medical colleague who knows you well and has worked with you in a clinical setting.

  • Agree to accept work at a hospital approved by your sponsor, one year for each year of residency training.

Application Deadline:

The initial application and ALL requested documents are due by May 15th of the year prior to beginning training by January 1. An additional supplemental application with recommendations and questions is due by May 15th. The application has multiple parts, so begin early and be aware that the full application with all accompanying documents needs to be completed and submitted to by May 15th.

Deadline Exceptions:

OB/GYN: The deadline for the application for Ob/Gyn training is June 1st. Please keep in mind there are two parts to the application, so contact as soon as possible to begin the process such that you can complete it by June 1st.

ANESTHESIOLOGY: The deadline for the application for Anesthesiology training at Kijabe Hospital is October 1st. Please keep in mind there are two parts to the application, so contact as soon as possible to begin the process such that you can complete it by October 1st.

PAACS Programs

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SPECIAL NOTE:  PAACS does NOT provide training scholarships for anyone except those who have been accepted into a PAACS training program. One must be accepted before applying for a scholarship.