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PAACS Resident Application

Please refer to the minimum application requirements below before applying for a PAACS program. Please note, all applications must be complete by May 15 of the previous year, and the resident will begin training January 1 (if accepted into a PAACS program).

Minimum Application Requirements:

  • Be a citizen of an African country.

  • Be a graduate of a recognized medical program and completed an internship program.

  • Be a sincere follower of Jesus Christ as evidenced by your words, your actions and your lifestyle.

  • Be 35 years old or less and exceptionally fluent in English.

  • Have a strong written recommendation from your pastor and a medical colleague who knows you well and has worked with you in a clinical setting.

  • Agree to accept work at a hospital approved by your sponsor, one year for each year of residency training.

For further information about the PAACS residency programs offered, please refer to the Become a PAACS Resident page.

Apply Online

Note: This application works best with the Chrome browser.

  1. Click the button below to fill out and submit the Online Application.

  2. Download and fill out the Health Certificate and email it to

  3. Download the List of Required Documents. Collect copies of all required documents and email to


Apply Via E-mail

  1. Download and fill out the Application and the Health Certificate.

  2. Email them both, plus other required documents listed in the Application to