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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Jacques Fadhili Bake

In Dr. Jacques Fadhili Bake's home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), access to surgical care is extremely limited. With only a few surgeons practicing in the entire country of DRC, many areas outside of major towns have no trained surgeons at all. Simply traveling the roads to reach larger villages proves difficult. These hindrances cause communities to seek unprecedented treatments, only creating further suffering. Dr. Bake knows that when he finishes his PAACS training he wants to return to a remote area of his home country. There he will make an immediate impact by providing quality surgical interventions to an underserved population. He also plans to contribute to the ongoing surgical training of medical students and doctors in rural communities.

Dr. Bake joined the PAACS general surgery program at Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia, looking for both discipleship and quality surgical training. PAACS residents, graduates, and the faculty are different from any other program he had previously encountered. They are excellent surgeons showing humility and compassion, while praying and sharing the gospel with their patients. He is now developing these skills so he can minister to the underserved population in DRC, though he is open to serve where God calls and help is needed. Dr. Bake believes he is receiving the best surgical training through PAACS. He has a clear understanding about serving the Lord as a minister and trusting the path that God provides.