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Resident Profiles

Dr. Jeremiah Nangale

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Jeremiah Nangale

Dr. Jeremiah Nangale holds tightly to Colossians 3:23 - Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Always one to enjoy working with his hands, he knew surgery could provide an opportunity to use his hands and reach people as one of God’s workers. During his internship at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, he met many PAACS residents who became an inspiration for his future. They demonstrated their love for Christ in how they treated patients with care and selflessness. The difference in their approach provided the catalyst for him to apply to PAACS.


Dr. Nangale is now a first-year PAACS resident in the Orthopaedic training program at AIC Kijabe Hospital. The same hospital where he was first introduced to PAACS. He immediately started learning to use medical and surgical skills to reach patients spiritually. The Bible study sessions that he attends twice weekly are strengthening his faith and helping him find new opportunities to share the gospel. It is now easy for him to talk about Jesus and he has already seen patients giving their lives to Christ. He fully believes the PAACS program creates an outstanding environment to expand God’s kingdom.


Born in Tanzania, Dr. Nangale has hopes of returning to serve his people as a selfless orthopaedic surgeon. With a population of 62,092,761 and less than 200 surgeons and anesthetists, his return will provide another step towards improving surgical access for Tanzania. As a servant of God, he will joyfully bring hope and healing to many eager to receive it.