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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Yves Yankunze

Dr. Yves Yankunze is from Burundi, where there is an overwhelming need for trained surgeons. The death rate from infectious diseases is high because patients wait months to be seen by a surgeon and complications arise during their wait. As a witness to the devastating number of surgically preventable deaths, Dr. Yankunze plans to make surgery his career and his ministry. He is also passionate about teaching others and plans to return to Burundi when he has completed his surgical training with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS).

Dr. Yankunze learned of PAACS in medical school through an American missionary. In 2014 he started receiving the PAACS bulletin and was amazed by the numerous testimonies he read. He was drawn to PAACS because of how gracefully faith and discipleship were integrated into surgical training. There was no doubt that he wanted to apply as soon as he finished medical school.

During his training at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, he found PAACS to be full of highly skilled surgeons and outstanding disciples of Christ. Daily he witnesses their example of humility and sees the love of Jesus through their lives. Despite a busy schedule, he has learned to always take extra time and ask to pray over his patients. Prayer allows them to have hope, even when the circumstances may be disheartening. It provides encouragement when hearing about the love and healing power of Christ Jesus.