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Three surgeons (at a minimum) who will be the surgical faculty

Required – Three surgeons (at a minimum) who will be the surgical faculty. On occasion, we will start with two if the third can be added by the fifth year.

Each surgeon must be:

  1. A mature Christian who can disciple others
  2. An excellent surgeon with a broad range of surgical skills
  3. Someone with a strong calling to train surgeons in a resource-poor settings
  4. At least three years out of training and willing to stay for at least five years
  5. A fellow of an internationally recognized college of surgery and/or board eligible/certified in their specialty
  6. In agreement with the PAACS doctrinal statement.

At least two of the three surgeons should:

  1. Have academic experience in running a training program
  2. Be of the specialty being taught (and the third enthusiastic).
  3. Have experience with the North American training paradigm (as compared to the British, European, or African paradigm).