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Excellent Performance by PAACS Residents on COSECSA Exams

Congratulations to the PAACS (Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons) residents for their performance on the recent COSECSA exams - 40 of 41 passed overall! All of the FCS (fellowship) candidates passed, and all but one of the MCS (Membership) candidates passed. The passage rate for PAACS candidates was overall above the COSECSA resident passage rate.

PAACS residents Joseph Nderitu Gachimo (Kijabe) and Josephat Mburu (Tenwek-Ortho) ranked #1 and #2 respectively in the MCS results from all 122 candidates. Three more PAACS residents were also in the top 10th percentile of the MCS examinees. PAACS resident Fred Minja (ALMC) received the highest score for the FCS exam with two more PAACS residents also in the top 10th percentile of those 54 FCS candidates. One PAACS Orthopaedic resident was in the top 10th percentile of his cadre.

The oral exams for the MCS candidates (junior years) will be in December and the FCS candidates will sit their oral exams in the spring of 2021.