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Read the latest news about PAACS and the impact we are having for God's glory throughout Africa. Be sure to check back regularly to get our latest news updates.

LLU Accreditation Visits

Drs. Keir Thelander, PAACS Executive Vice President, John Tarpley, PAACS Academic Dean, Mark Reeves, PAACS Board of Directors’ Loma Linda Representative and Ryan Hayton, Vice Chair, Outreach and Surgery of Loma Linda University toured Bongolo Hospital in Gabon and Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon to conduct accreditation site visits and to nourish the relationships within our training facilities. The visits nearly faced cancellations due to regional instability. Gabon recently suffered a coup d’état but, thankfully, it has been stable and mostly peaceful. Unfortunately, the country of Cameroon has been in crisis since 2016. Dr. Thelander and Dr. Reeves went on to conduct an additional site visit to SIM Galmi Hospital in Niger, a country which also recently experienced a substantially turbulent coup d’état. We thank our amazing team and faculty for keeping faithful to the mission and vision of PAACS in the midst of these difficult circumstances.