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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Brillant Gaël Gahimbare
General Surgery Resident
Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

A woman arrived at Tenwek Hospital with a fatal heart condition. She was in great distress and losing hope as an infection further delayed her surgery. Dr. Brillant Gaël Gahimbare prayed over her and encouraged her through the devastating set back. Once her body healed from the infection, she was strong enough to schedule surgery. The operation was a success! Today, she is completely recovered, and her faith is strengthened. Not only was she restored through excellent surgical care, but she received life-giving spiritual care from her entire medical team. At her last review she was completely renewed and full of hope.

Every PAACS resident is encouraged to witness and pray with patients. Dr. Gahimbare says he feels the motivation and the passion of the faculty that surrounds him. He sees the trust they pour into residents so they can improve and go on to serve countless others. After graduation he wants to change the platform of surgery in his home country of Burundi, so people will not die from treatable conditions. He trusts where God will lead him. This is his opportunity to reach the multitudes, using surgery to bring the gospel to them and shine as an example of Jesus’ love for us!