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Resident Profiles

Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah

In his home of Nigeria, Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah witnessed the devastation of those who could not access surgical care because of the shortage of available surgeons and the distance required to travel once a surgeon was found. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with over 219 million people. The World Health Organization would recommend over 10,000 surgeons to properly serve Nigerians. The harsh reality is there are 1,827 licensed surgeons, only 18% of the necessary providers to care for such a populated country. Dr. Ikwutah is pursuing formal surgical training to become equipped to bridge the gap that his community is experiencing every day.


Dr. Ikwutah chose the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) because it provides him the opportunity to acquire quality surgical skills in an environment that both promotes and encourages spiritual growth. The PAACS training he has received at SIM Galmi Hospital, in the neighboring country of Niger, has taught him to look beyond physical illnesses and have concern for the spiritual wellbeing of those he encounters. Throughout his training with PAACS he has been surrounded by love and care among residents and attendings. They have provided strong examples of Christian living and helped him to develop a routine of sharing the gospel with his patients.


With plans to return to Nigeria, Dr. Ikwutah will provide care to those who need it most in his community, while offering the hope found in Christ. He also looks forward to sharing the knowledge and skills he has gained with other doctors that he will work alongside. His PAACS training will provide the necessary tools to be a Christ-like leader bringing excellent and compassionate surgical care to Nigeria.