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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Faraja Mussa Magwesela

In Tanzania surgical services are very limited and Dr. Faraja Mussa Magwesela believes that becoming a surgeon will allow him to reach those who have not previously had access. He appreciates that surgery gives him a firsthand view of God’s handiwork inside the human body. Inspired by Jesus’ time on earth healing the sick, he considers medicine his ministry. It is his opportunity to be used by God to positively change the lives of his patients both physically and for eternity.

PAACS provides him with a unique and comprehensive training program at Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in Tanzania. He appreciates learning skills beyond general surgery and gaining insight into Orthopedics, Ob/Gyn, Neurosurgery, and Pediatrics. External rotations give further exposure to what others are doing and reinforces the example to serve as Christ. One of the most important lessons he has learned so far is to be patient-centered. Consider each patient uniquely and always listen to their concerns. He enjoys learning to integrate his faith into patient care and looking for opportunities to share about the power of God through biblical examples.