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Resident Profiles

Dr. Fred Omondi

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Fred Omondi
Ob/Gyn Resident
Tenwek Hospital

Dr. Fred Omondi first learned of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) during a pivotal moment in his medical career. While completing a medical internship, a visiting surgeon who was concluding his own PAACS journey, took the time to ask each intern about their specialization aspirations and shared about the PAACS ministry. Dr. Omondi vividly remembers this encounter and eagerly sought more information. This was the catalyst that led him to discover PAACS.

What particularly resonated with Dr. Omondi was PAACS' dual mission: to train skilled surgeons in Africa and to nurture their spiritual growth. The concept of providing not only surgical but also spiritual nourishment to patients deeply appealed to him and he wanted to be part of it. 

Fast forward to today, Dr. Omondi is currently a third-year Ob/Gyn resident at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. He is now immersed in the PAACS program. The weekly devotions, which are an integral part of the PAACS experience, stand out as a unique practice. Every ward round begins with a shared Bible verse and a collective prayer for the medical team and their patients. This practice, previously unfamiliar to him, now serves as a daily reminder of his role in service to humanity and God. Through devotions, personal testimonies, and diverse perspectives on the Bible, Dr. Omondi has undergone a transformation in his perspective of Christianity and life in general. His newfound insights have significantly influenced his patient care, enhancing his abilities in patient evaluation and surgical skills. He acknowledges that this growth is ongoing, as PAACS constantly reinforces the idea that the journey of surgical and spiritual development is a lifelong commitment.

Upon his graduation from PAACS, Dr. Omondi envisions utilizing his combined surgical and spiritual training in three meaningful ways. First, he is determined to provide medical and surgical care to countless patients in need, improving healthcare access for underserved communities. Second, he eagerly looks forward to an opportunity where he can mentor and train the next generation of doctors, passing on the knowledge and values instilled in him through PAACS. Most importantly, he aspires to be a vessel of God's compassion, extending his influence not only to patients but also to fellow healthcare workers, ensuring both their physical and spiritual well-being. Dr. Omondi’s journey with PAACS embodies a beautiful fusion of surgical excellence and spiritual growth, supporting his commitment to making a difference in the lives of patients and colleagues alike.