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Resident Profiles

Dr. Joseph Mkandawire

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Joseph Mkandawire

Dr. Joseph Mkandawire had his life forever changed after seeing a flyer for the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS). He had been longing for direction, trying to find a way to combine his love for Christ with his desire to become a surgeon. Together with his wife, they were drawn to medical mission service, but unsure how it would play a role in their future. When he further researched the PAACS organization, he realized that it was a match made in heaven!


PAACS has taught him a brand-new outlook on surgery. In his previous medical training, surgeons were viewed as quick to cut and hasty in their decisions. However, in his PAACS training at Malamulo Adventist Hospital in Malawi, he immediately learned the importance of thoroughness, and thinking through every decision. Daily, he witnesses great examples from the faculty and other residents. They are patient with him while he learns, asking simple questions to bring the big picture into view and provide the best care to patients.


Dr. Mkandawire describes PAACS as an answered prayer. He knows there is a great need for quality surgery across Africa, and many need to hear the word of God. In Malawi, he saw firsthand the struggle of those living outside of major cities waiting up to a year to receive surgical care. He considers PAACS a unique response to this tremendous need. When programs are based in rural areas, it prepares surgeons for the reality of a rural environment. Another distinctive feature he found in PAACS is the spiritual training. He was amazed that the material is a modification of pastoral training, it showed him the seriousness of those who designed it. Many people need surgery, but there is something greater that needs to be shared. CHRIST!

Dr. Mkandawire sees surgery as his way to share the gospel. In his future, he would love to stay in Malawi or possibly a neighboring country. His passion is to help people who need surgical care and have not yet come to know God. He plans to focus his career on reaching people in a rural area, where treating the sick will have a significant impact on the community.