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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Leul Shigut
General Surgery Resident
Soddo Christian Hospital – Ethiopia

Dr. Leul Shigut has always found joy in serving and believes that is what God has called him to do. Choosing to pursue medicine, he hoped that upon graduation he would be prepared to help the needy. During his college fellowship he learned of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) through friends who were working at Soddo Christian Hospital (SCH). They knew of his growing passion for surgery and lifelong call to help the needy. They encouraged him to apply to PAACS. As he learned more, it was clear to him that PAACS had everything he was looking for in a surgical training program, including discipleship in his faith. PAACS offered him a place to develop skills without losing his vision along the way. He appreciated that he would be surrounded by like-minded Christians who could encourage and, at times, rebuke him during his training.

“The PAACS training program has helped me become a better version of myself, both skill-wise and spiritually. It continues to help push the boundaries I have set. My attendings and fellow residents have been playing a big part praying for me, guiding me, and creating friendships. Thanks to PAACS, I am figuring out new ways to serve others each day. I have learned what it means to be skillful and humble at the same time. I have learned what it means to save the flesh and the soul at the same time. PAACS has helped me to focus on the highest calling: the Great Commission.”

Dr. Shigut is in now in his final year of training at SCH in Ethiopia. He has been inspired by the PAACS family to never stop sharing the gospel, never stop offering a helping hand to patients, and be an excellent surgeon. PAACS has fueled his desire to help others. He has been set on fire to extend lives on earth temporarily through surgery, and introduce Christ to offer life eternal. God willing, upon completing his training in general surgery, he wants to continue the standard being set by the PAACS surgeons he has met in his career - “I am hoping to inspire new residents just as my attendings have inspired me. I hope to never deviate from the Great Calling.”