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Resident Profiles

Dr. Ntuntu Sweni Tamfu

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Ntuntu Sweni Tamfu
General Surgery Resident
Hospital of Hope

In secondary school, Dr. Ntuntu Sweni Tamfu experienced a life-changing moment that would define his future. He had the opportunity to visit a sick classmate in the hospital. There at the bedside, Dr. Ntuntu was deeply moved by the care and empathy shown by the medical staff. It was then that he realized his purpose: to combine medical skills with the compassion of Christ, bringing not just physical healing but also spiritual comfort to those in need. 

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Ntuntu chose to work in remote areas where access to healthcare was severely limited. For two years, he was confronted with the harsh reality of patients suffering due to a lack of surgical care. Simple, treatable conditions often turned into life-threatening emergencies. This exposure not only strengthened his resolve to become a surgeon but also deepened his commitment to serve through the lens of his faith. 

Drawn to the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) for its excellent surgical training and its focus on the integration of faith with medical practice, Dr. Ntuntu embarked on the rigorous path to becoming a surgeon. Now as a resident at Hospital of Hope in Togo, he’s realizing that PAACS isn't just a path to becoming a skilled surgeon, but where he is learning to share the gospel through his surgical skills.

One particularly impactful case in Dr. Ntuntu's career was with a non-Christian patient who had developed severe kidney failure. Despite the patients’ financial difficulties, Dr. Ntuntu walked through possible options and provided compassionate care to him. At that time, he also shared the gospel and his patient accepted whole heartedly and gave his life to Christ! A few weeks after he was released, he returned for a follow-up appointment. A MIRACLE had occurred! His kidney function had returned to normal, he was full of joy, and became a testimony to his entire family about the healing power of Christ.

Dr. Ntuntu is inspired that the art of surgery and the spirit of the gospel are not separate paths but one journey, aiming to restore not just the body but the soul. Every act of healing is a reflection of Christ's victory over death, offering not just physical restoration but also a glimpse into eternal hope.