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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Paul Shu Chinonso
General Surgery Resident
Mbingo Baptist Hospital

While in medical school, Dr. Paul Shu Chinonso attended several health campaigns organized by medics in the church. These events were held in communities in Cameroon with very limited resources. In one specific campaign, there were no trained surgeons among the group. It critically limited the care that was provided to those in need. This was the moment that sparked a calling from God for Dr. Chinonso to become a surgeon. With proper training he will be able to bring additional healing to a community to further experience the healing touch of Jesus. After working with PAACS surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Malikidogo at Banso Baptist Hospital, he knew that the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) was his answer.


Finding Christian surgeons is very rare, but Dr. Chinonso quickly learned that PAACS is full of people who are well trained and meet the needs of mankind with humility, while lifting the banner of our Lord Jesus. They are surgeons who serve the Lord and are a model of the love of Christ. He has been blessed by PAACS Program Director, Dr. Jim Brown at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon, and his diligence and heart to meet the needs of his patients, no matter the time of day. His example has shown Dr. Chinonso how patient care is greatly influenced by the many small steps that are taken, including a reliance on prayer. Patients acknowledge God's presence at Mbingo, as many turn to the Lord after witnessing the miraculous ways God has intervened in their lives.


Dr. Chinonso believes that wherever he is called to serve after completing his PAACS training, his practice will be an opportunity to preach the gospel in Word and deed and demonstrate the compassion of Jesus. With God as his Teacher, he will welcome Him into his practice. He commits to seeing his patients as God sees them, His creation and His children. He will put on the character of Christ in his service and provide the best care to those who will depend on him.