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Resident Profiles

Dr. Roger Tankombo

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Roger Tankombo

Dr. Roger Tankombo is deeply motivated to improve healthcare in his home country of Cameroon. Through his time in medical school and as a medical officer in Douala Cameroon, he realized the need for qualified surgeons. He witnessed many complications resulting from poorly completed surgeries, which then required further care that became unaffordable to patients and their families. 

Two specific cases moved his heart and strengthened his desire to pursue surgical training. In one case, a young woman was left to die from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy because she wasn't able to afford the full surgical fee. The other, a man with testicular torsion was left unattended because there was a lack of available surgeons. These types of devastating situations that occur from an overwhelming number of patients, a shortage of qualified surgeons, and procedures at unattainable costs, were the motivation for Dr. Tankombo. His desire to make a difference directly aligns with the PAACS mission to train and disciple African surgeons to glorify God and to provide excellent, compassionate care to those most in need.

As a PAACS resident, Dr. Tankombo appreciates being trained alongside others with the love of Christ, who offer compassionate and quality care to their patients based on their surgical needs, not their ability to pay. He's surrounded by mentors who are always ready to teach him, both academically and spiritually. He's learned the importance of flexibility, the willingness to pass knowledge to others, and to do it with love. He is committed to attend to his patients based on their needs and not their financial status, desiring to introduce Christ as a great surgeon who not only treats surgical illnesses, but who restores the soul.