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Resident Profiles

Dr. Yohanes Debebe

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Yohannes Debebe
General Surgery Resident
Soddo Christian Hospital – Ethiopia

Dr. Yohannes Debebe recognizes that Jesus’ life on earth was the perfect example of an evangelist, missionary, and healer. Jesus healed physical sickness and preached of His Abba’s Kingdom. Through the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS), Dr. Debebe knows that God is giving him an opportunity to understand the pain of his people and acquire essential tools to be used for the Kingdom. It is a beautiful form of evangelism, coupled with tremendous physical and spiritual outcomes.


Before his PAACS surgical residency, Dr. Debebe worked as a general practitioner at Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia. The PAACS residents and attendings that he met were like a lighthouse, guiding him through his voyage in the sea. They introduced him to PAACS and now he is in his second year of residency in the general surgery program. One of the most beautiful elements of his training is the extended family he has gained. Senior residents are like big brothers. They are guiding and teaching unremittingly. The faculty has become like fathers, always reminding and encouraging him to cling to his vision. God willing, Dr. Debebe and his friends have a vision to establish a missionary hospital in the eastern part of Ethiopia. His surgical and spiritual training with PAACS will be the cornerstone. Together they envision treating the sick and winning souls for Christ. 


Dr. Debebe has seen God healing people through the hands of PAACS surgeons at Soddo. During their care, our Lord is revealing the love and mercy He has for them. Some patients first learned about Jesus here, and others confessed and renewed their relationship with God. This was possible because they witnessed His power through an encounter at the hospital. PAACS residents and faculty are the shining light of Jesus for many to see. They are bringing quality surgical services with excellent care to many in Ethiopia, and doing so with the love of Christ.