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Resident Profiles

PAACS Resident Profile

Dr. Marius Jordan Tchinde

General Surgery Resident
Mbingo Baptist Hospital – Cameroon

As a child, Dr. Marius Jordan Tchinde learned to fix broken things from his father who was a carpenter. Surgery became a natural interest from the joy he felt while fixing things. At the hospital, he sees people arriving with broken parts and he has the opportunity to bring them back together. Through training with the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS), he’s learned that surgery is more than what you know. It is learning how to apply that knowledge. As a second-year general surgery resident at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon, he has been learning to care for both the mind and body, giving attention to the patient as a whole, and doing so with love.

PAACS is a Journey

Dr. Tchinde says the PAACS training program is a journey comprised of many milestones. Considering himself like a newborn when he first joined PAACS, he has felt surrounded by many people ready to nourish, teach, and guide him. Surgical mentors are willing to hold his hand to teach him not only how to fix things, but also when not to fix them. There is also a Spirit-filled community helping him to grow in faith. He is developing a better relationship with Jesus surrounded by a family of believers within PAACS.

God is Present

He has been astonished by the impact God is having on many patients at Mbingo. Unbelievers have left the hospital as believers, finding a new life centered on Christ. He witnessed a mother who had given up hope for the recovery of her son’s brain abscess which had caused him to lose the ability to walk and talk. He was taken into the operating theater three separate times. Yet, through encouragement and prayer from Dr. Tchinde, the mother was willing to place her child in God’s hands and trust Him as the “Ultimate Doctor”. One month later her son left the hospital walking and able to talk again! 

The Lord is healing many patients and welcoming new believers into His kingdom because PAACS residents are willing to be one of God’s instruments. They are serving the African people who may arrive hopeless and with no knowledge of Christ. While residents are fixing the body, they are also encouraging patients to fixate their mind on Christ. Providing more than physical care, PAACS residents are training to be compassionate surgeons and anesthesiologists, seeking salvation for all.